Black Friday is Here

Black Friday is Here

Black Friday Cyber MondayBidKnight’s Black Friday event is here, and the company on Friday is offering lower Bid Pack prices, 100% Free Auctions and up to 20% more bids when you buy selected Bid Packs.

Because BidKnight did not participate in Black Friday last year, the deals on Bid Packs are perhaps more than what people were expecting, but the best deal is the 100 Bid Pack for $40.00 ($0.40 per bid) and you get 5% more bids and a spin on the Bid Spinner for even more bids.

Here’s the breakdown:

$0.40 Bids on the 50 Bid Packs and higher.
Bid Packs with extra bids as a Bonus.
100% Free Auctions
Spins on the Bid Spinner

BidKnight’s Black Friday is going to be incredible with all the deals available not even mentioning BidKnight’s CyberMonday.

What are you waiting for, go save some money!

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