Free BidKnight Bids

Free BidKnight Bids

Bid Spinner

As you get more and more confident in bidding and winning all the really cool stuff on BidKnight, you might want to take advantage of all the ways you can earn Free Bids on BidKnight also. This category will focus on the different programs and events that you can collect Free BidKnight Bids. Free Bids means more SAVINGS and MONEY left in your pocket!

Saving money for you and your family while earning Free Bids gives you more opportunity to score that Great Deal! Next time you decide to buy another bid pack, enhance that choice by earning free bids also. We will start off by first focusing on Social Media sites like TwitterInstagramPinterest and Facebook.

One other thing, while social sites are a wonderful way to earn Free Bids, BidKnight also other ways to earn them too. Buying Bid Packs earn your a spin on the BidKnight Bid Spinner as well as during events, special auctions and programs. You can find your BidKnight Bid Spinner by going to MyAccount>MyProfile>MySpinner.

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