Free BidKnight Bids on Twitter

Free BidKnight Bids on Twitter

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While you can get up to 75 free bids for sharing a photo of you with your BidKnight win on Facebook, there are many other ways to score some great bids like 25 FREE Bids by twitting on Twitter.

Collect 25 free bids with Twitter by following these steps:

1. Take a high quality picture of yourself and an item you have won on BidKnight.

2. Make sure your tweets are public.

3. Tweet the picture and add a short description, for example: @BidKnight Just won this really cool $699 Apple iPhone 7 on #bidknight for $11.12 with only 62 bids!

4. Send the Twitter link to

5. Takes up to 24hrs to 48hrs for Bis to placed in your Bid Account.

Only one photo submission is allowed per week, but pictures shared on Twitter can also be shared on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and vice versa. No Duplicates Photos, only one photo for each product won will be accepted.

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