Hey, I Have a Butler!

Hey, I Have a Butler!

The Butler

I Have a Butler… A Bid Butler!

Everyday, life can make things so complicated whether you have work, school, family or any other commitments that demand our attention. We know that when life happens, it most likely will take you away from the the fun and savings of bidding action and we at BidKnight understand you can’t be in front of your computer all day clicking the bid button. This is why we’ve created the feature on BidKnight called Bid Butler.

You may be saying ‘I’m glad I have a Bid Butler but…what is it?’ 


The Bid Butler is a featured tool on BidKnight that automatically places bids for you. This feature lets you bid without even being logged in to BidKnight! Once you decide to use your Bid Butler on an Auction, Bid Butler will bid for you whenever the auction timer  drops below 10 seconds. The Bid Butler will automatically begin placing bids for you as soon as you click the Activate button.

You can customize your Bid Butler by setting multiple Bid Butlers at different price points per a specific auction. Multiple Active Bid Butlers are unique to BidKnight, currently not offered at any other penny auctions! You can also deactivate or stop your Bid Butler at any point during an auction. If you deactivate or an auctions ends, all unused Bid Butler bids will remain untouched in your BidKnight bid account. You can use your Bid Butler on as many auctions as you wish.

Remember, Only Real Bids Can Be Used with Bid Butler!

Your bidding strategy should involve setting the Bid Butler to bid for you late at night or times where you need to be away from your computer when a specific item(s) you want is up for auction.

The product page gives you two to three historical auction final bid prices (AFBP) which allows you to use that information to create a strategy to set your Bid Butler to bid around those historical values which gives you a higher percentage of successful bidding.  Also with this information you could have the strategy of bidding around both auction final prices if there is large difference between the two.

As you may remember, your Bid Butler allows  you to have as many Bid Butler actions happening on the same auction. This is not an option at any other penny auction, only BidKnight. In this case above, you could set your Bid Butler to bid around $28.77 and also around $50.01 allowing for more excitement as well as a higher percentage of possible success.







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