Winning Tips From The Experts

Winning Tips From The Experts

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1.   Automated Bidding

Automated bidding is a feature that can work to your advantage. However, we will go in detail later on as to how this works. As for the moment, you should know that having an automated bidding feature can scale out the competition, but you should not use it yourself. And again, more information will be mentioned later, but you should be go for a site that offers such a feature.

2.   Cost Per Bid

Keep in mind that lower may not always be better. A site with a cost per bid of $0.50 may have three to four times as many bidders compared to a site that charges $0.80 to even $1.00 per bid. This is really a personal choice, but you, like everyone else, are thinking along the same lines. You can place twice as many bids on a $0.50 cost per bid site in comparison to a $1.00 cost per bid site, but this can quickly drive the price up to an unfavorable zone.

3.   Watching An Auction End

This is by far the most tedious, but also the most crucial. Auctions usually end somewhere between half an hour to two hours. Sometimes for some products it can be even longer. The idea is to pick an item that isn’t worth much such as a digital camcorder and watch it end. If it does come to an end, then there’s a very good chance that other items put up for auction will also end.

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